Have you ever had to convert formulae in a Word document to code? Ever wished that it could somehow be automated? With MathSharp, this is possible!

MathSharp is a program for automatic conversion of math equations from MathML (produced by programs such as Word or MathType) into code in languages such as C# or F#.


MathSharp comes with support for

  • Languages: C# and F#; early support for C++
  • Math runtimes: .NET BCL

Some application features:

  • Variable data types
  • Power inlining
  • Greek symbol renaming
  • Constant substitution for known symbols (e.g., e, π, etc.)


To run MathSharp you will need:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 2008/2008R2 or Windows 7

  • An application with MathML export facilities
    Microsoft Word 2007/10/13, MathType, Maple, etc.

  • .NET Framework 4 (client profile)
    will be installed if you don't have it

  • An internet connection is required in order to update the program.

Note: MathSharp does not currently support high-DPI displays.


MathSharp is sold on a per-seat basis. When you buy a MathSharp license, you get:

To buy the application, please click the button below:

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